Article Critique

Are you required to submit an article critique very soon? Professors sometimes require an article critique as part of the requirements of a course.

An Article Critique is a two-page long document which involves an evaluation and analysis of a specific article found in a peer reviewed journal.  When the students are asked to read a number of scholarly articles in the class professors use the article critique to determine whether the students have a good grasp of these articles.

Writing of an article critique involves a number of steps.  The first step to writing an article critique is to understand the entire article so that you have a good grasp of the author’s main points.  If you feel that reading it once is not enough, it is advised that you read the article two or three times.  The second step is to highlight important sentences or paragraphs which you need to agree or disagree with.  The third step is to start preparing an outline of the article critique.  The fourth step involves writing the article critique by summarizing the author’s viewpoints first and then critically analyzing the entire article.

It should be stressed that summarizing the author’s main points is not sufficient to impress your professor.  It is essential that the article critique should include statements on which ideas the student agrees with the author and the ideas which the student disagrees with the author.

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Sample Article Critiques

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