Meet Amandeep, a student from UK who asked us to write a Master’s Level literature review on cyber security. The paper is quite technical so he is unsure whether he could meet the professor’s standard. He contacted us and asked for our help

“When I asked for your services, I really thought you will only mess up the paper. You asked so many questions from the beginning. I thought you did not know what you were doing. I realized now you were only getting as much information that you need to customize my paper. Thanks so much for your effort.”


Meet Suzy an ASU student who is trying to improve her English language while attending to her classes at the university.

“Since I am still learning English, everything is very difficult for me. I don’t know how to talk to people and even write. I don’t know how to answer my professor’s questions or even write a paper. Fortunately, there are people like you who help students like me. Thanks for all your help”


Maryam Z. is an Armenian who is studying in a UCLA. She asked us to write a paper about the Geographical and Geological Formation of the El Capital Summit, Yosemite National Park. Uncertain about her paper, she emailed us to ask for our help.

“My paper quite long so I was unsure if I could get it done on time. I made the right decision asking for your help. I will definitely be back for more geography papers. I still have 4 more papers due by next month. Thanks a lot.”

Maryam Z.

Meet Juliet M. a senior IT HR consultant who is taking Master’s degree. She asked our help to write her papers on healthcare.

“I know that the deadline for both my papers were tight. I forgot to work on it so I asked your help. You still delivered! Great work. Keep it up.”

Juliet M.

Meet Wendy a Chinese student who studies from ASU. Since she was not yet confident with her English she contacted us if we can help her with some of her papers in English. She asked us to watch a documentary on YouTube entitled Educating Peter.

“I am honestly very pleased with your excellent customer service. The paper was great. It was written in simple English. No big words were used. I am very happy that I came to you for help.”


Meet Wang H. who just recently joined New York University. She asked us to write a paper about The Impact of the Fiscal Policy on Economy of China which she found to be very complicated for her.

‘I am a hardworking student, I really am. I spend tons of time learning the grammar and vocabulary from English textbooks and classes. Despite my effort, writing simple papers in English just takes so much from my time. Thank you so much for helping me just for this time.”

Wang H.