Essays – 论文 is aware that writing essays can be difficult for a Chinese student studying state universities. No matter how much effort you make to learn English grammar and improve your vocabulary writing essays is much difficult.

To write essays, there are a number of different steps. First, you need an Introduction that can grab your reader’s attenion. You also need to come up with a strong thesis statement so the readers know in advance the entire point of your paper. After you are done with the Introduction and the Thesis Statement, you need to pay attention to the different body paragraphs which are supposed to expound on the Introduction and supports the Thesis Statement. Before you end your paper, you need a strong conclusion that summarizes the entire paper.

It is extremely hard to impress the professor when you are unsure of which words to use and whether your grammar is perfect. You might make an effort but you will end up only wasting too much time and get frustrated with the result.

When we write our essays, we write to impress the professor. We will help you show the professor that you are making progress with your English composition and writing skills.

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Sample Essays

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